The IYF World Camp is a 4-day, international event that helps you break free from your limitations and experience a world of possibilities that exist beyond your understanding.

At IYF World Camp, you can enjoy programs that enhance spiritual growth, global awareness, and a mindset for leadership. The IYF World Camp is also a platform that helps you transition from a college/university setting into the “real world”.

With IYF World Camp as your gateway to personal growth, real happiness, and a peace of heart, you’ll realize your potential to ignite change and positively affect those around you. We look forward to helping you get equipped with what you need to become a true leader for tomorrow, someone who lives for and serves others.


Spiritual development sessions
Leadership Symposium
Cultural performances
IYF Academies
Team Building and Group Fellowship
Team Competitions
Short-distance Marathon
Comprehensive NYC Tour
World Culture Convention access
Gracias Choir Music Experience
Volunteerism Info Sessions


Phone: 1-888-634-8436
Email: info@iyfef.org
Address: IYFEF Headquarters
300 Nassau Road
Huntington, NY 11743

For more information about our programs and to sign up for 2011 IYF World Camp- New York, visit us at iyfworldcamp.com/ny.


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