Leadership Symposium, the Beginning of Change for Youth!

As technology advances our lives have become so much easier and more convenient. With just one click, people can do so many things. As a result, it is not a problem at all to live alone without any person-to-person communication. It is at this time more than ever that ‘Unity’ is needed to improve our lives.

In the midst of the preparation of IYF World Camp, there was a World Culture Convention and Leadership Symposium at Mahanaim Campus in Huntington, NY on Saturday Aug. 6th. With an audience of about 60, Louis Medina (Suffolk County Youth Bureau), Ed Perez (Suffolk County Director of Community Relations), Dee Thompson (Executive Director of Enrichment Center), representatives of IYF, Folake Pinard (Dean of students at Community Partnership Charter School), Daniel Lim (Vice President of Global Risk Management a major U.S. financial services firm), Jennifer Chan (Student Representative from Stony Brook University), Glen Heil (Student Representative from University of Michigan) joined us as panelist and steered the discussion on how to foster unity in communities.

First, the emcee explained why IYF had prepared this event and why “Unity” was chosen as a topic for the symposium. In a serious and sincere atmosphere, the Leadership Symposium started with each panelist defining “Unity” with his or her own words. They summarized the definition of “Unity” as a condition of mind that can accept others.

The second topic was “The Need of Unity”. First, director Ed Perez explained about “the need of unity” while questioning how much time we spend thinking about others. Also, he pointed out or rather rebuked ‘the way of life these days as people are busy with thinking about money and/or how to take money from pockets of others. Exe. Director Dee Thompson and Exe. Director Louis Medina gave examples from their childhood days where people always had to be together no matter what they did and where people learned how to respect others through uniting with family members. Dean Folake also shared an example of how children learn how to respect others by understanding other people’s feelings and realizing that people can get hurt by their bad behaviors. She added that the first step of being united is to put oneself in the position of others. The entire panel agreed that in order to foster “Unity” in these modern days, it is important to teach young adults to consider others and to have a concept of “Togetherness” in students’ hearts. 

After the panelists’ presentation, through a Q&A session, the audience asked questions regarding today’s topics and summarized the discussions.

The Leadership Symposium that was held for the first time had two significant outcomes: providing the right direction for enriching societies youth and the sharing of ideas with students and educational leaders who have the same concerns in their fields. 

The IYF World Camp which will start from August 29th through September 2nd will suggest the path that young adults must take to become the leaders of tomorrow!

You can register for the IYF World camp at www.iyfworldcamp.com/ny


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