IYF World Culture Convention at Mahanaim Campus!

Within the past few weeks, we have held similar conventions at the Huntington Public Library, Cadman Plaza Park in Brooklyn, and Big Splash in New Jersey. These culture conventions give us the opportunity to share the uniqueness of the many different cultures here in New York. It also highlights the selflessness of the Good News Corps (GNC) oversees volunteers who have dedicated a year of their lives to help others, both at home and aboard.  As GNC volunteers, they were able to overcome their limitations, challenging themselves and nurturing qualities they never knew they had. This convention was particularly special because we were joined by local volunteer students who poured so much of their heart into setting up booths and preparing dance performances.  It was clear that they wanted to learn about the heart behind volunteerism. 

It was certainly heart-warming to hear a lady telling her friend on the phone, “Hurry up and come to check out this place! They are having a wonderful event!” Another lady, who attended past the Huntington Library Culture event, visited us once more at the Mahanaim Campus and said, “I didn’t know you guys were having this good event on this campus even though I live in Huntington! I should’ve known this earlier.”

The VIP guest speakers at the Leadership Symposium, which was held on the same day, happily watched as volunteers performed the traditional African dance called Umoja, which expresses ‘togetherness’.  They also visited each booth, learning about different cultures and listening to the amazing stories from volunteers who have gained a true love for volunteerism.

Having this World Culture Convention at the Mahanaim campus was a wonderful opportunity to not only let people of Huntington know more about the Mahanaim campus, but also made them aware of the IYF World Camp – New York which will be held in Huntington from August 29th through September 2nd.

In preparation for the upcoming IYF World Camp – New York, there will be another IYF World Culture Convention on August 10th at the Foley Square, Manhattan and on August 13th at the Mahanaim Campus, Huntington.

Come and listen to the stories of our volunteers!  



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