IYF brings a tidal wave of culture to “Big Splash”



On Saturday, July 30th, 2011, the International Youth Fellowship Educational Foundation (IYFEF) brought a tidal wave of world culture to ‘Big Splash Festival’ and it’s Ocean Grove, NJ venue. WMCA 570 AM, which hosted the outdoor festival that promotes unity and faith, invited fellow faith-based organizations, in particular, the IYFEF. Big Splash drew an attendance of over 10,000.

For the attendees trying to beat the heat, IYFEF treated them to ‘IYF Culture’, a celebration of world cultures. Good News Corp Volunteers decked out in traditional outfits from all around the world put on a parade for the curious onlookers.  They later manned booths with exhibits displaying cultural articles, food and clothing from different countries around the world.

People interested in the Good News Corps program were provided with information, as well as moving testimonials, from present and former volunteers. Every hour, energetic and vibrant cultural dances were performed on the lawn to the delight of the festival attendees.

The event proved to be an excellent chance for New Jersey residents and other festival visitors to learn about IYFEF programs, including, Good News Corps overseas volunteering, IYF World Camps, the World Artist Concert, the Christmas Cantata featuring the Gracias Choir, and the Good News Medical Volunteers program.

IYFEF also took the opportunity to get the word out about the upcoming 2011 IYF World Camp-New York to be held August 29- September 2 in Huntington, NY. It promises to be an extraordinary and unique opportunity for young Tri-State residents to experience the world and a path toward true change.



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