GRACIAS CHOIR (1)- Touching the Sprit Through Praise

“Gracias” means “Thank you” in Spanish. The Gracias Choir sings songs of thankfulness for the love they has received in their hearts. The Choir’s music has the power to change sadness to joy, deeply moving the hearts of every listener. The Gracias Choir was formed in the year 2000, and each year it is changing and reaching new heights through new challenges and development.
By no means does the world lack amazing voices and brilliant musicians – especially in New York. But for some reason, the Gracias Choir is captivating and strangely irresistible to all those who experience their music.
What makes Gracias stand out?

Just as the highest quality sounds come forth from an empty pipe, each member of the Gracias Choir is constantly empty their hearts, revealing only the God who has touched their hearts.

In 2007, Boris Abalyan was named chief conductor of the Gracias Choir. Under the guidance of Abalyan, the Gracias Choir won their first International Choir Competition in 2009, followed by a second one at the Busan International Choir Competition in 2010.  That evening the chorus held a big celebration together with Abalyan. During his remarks, he addressed the chorus by saying, “We will celebrate tonight.  But tomorrow, we forget it and move on to the next one.” This is what keeps the Gracias Choir constantly growing – with a humble heart and the mentality to empty themselves from each “yesterday”.

“They don’t hold onto their own standards and they are not bound to their own limitations. So mentoring them is actually very easy and enjoyable.” -Perry Goldstein, Director of Undergraduate Studies and Musicianship in the Department of Music at Stony Brook University.
The Gracias Choir indulges listeners with a musical experience that is difficult to find elsewhere.  Their music reaches deep into the souls of the listeners and express a heart of true appreciation for the grace of God in their lives.

During the 2011 World Camp New York (Aug 29th ~ Sep 2nd), the Gracias Choir will put on world class performances starting with the Opening Ceremony which begins at 7pm on August 29th.  This will be followed by a special presentation of the “Christmas Cantata” on September 1st, with a matinee performance at 3pm and the finale at 7pm.   The Gracias Choir’s famous “Christmas Cantata” will paint the pictures of delight, joy, hope and miracles with music masterpieces. The Christmas Cantata is open to everyone and admission is free. You’ll not want to miss out on a unique opportunity.  Come and let the Gracias Choir music refresh your body and spirit and provide you relief from the summer heat.  

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