The 2011 IYF World Camp has finally begun in Busan, Korea!

Nearly 3500 students from around the world, including the United States, have gathered in the BEXCO Convention Center for the official World Camp orientation.

The Righteous Stars’ opened the orientation with their exciting dances and were followed by the Korean fusion dance “Sorrow” and the Japanese traditional dance “Junin Toiro”. IYF Chairman Kikwon Doh delivered a welcoming message and famed Russian pianist Igor Lebedev performed a virtuoso piano piece. The music of Gracias Choir and a lecture by IYF Founder pastor Ock Soo Park concluded the orientation.

During a key portion of his lecture, Pastor Ock Soo Park said, “People can see through their own eyes but not through their mind. Many people are born blind in their minds, with no idea of how to see. When they bump into someone, they finally realize they are unable to see. These people don’t know why a dark shadow is covering their lives.

Computer game addicts don’t play the games by themselves. If they are the ones in control, they must be able to resist it when they don’t want to, but in actuality, they are forced and dragged by a certain power to do it. It’s the same for those who end up committing suicide when faced with difficulties and being unable to handle them.”

2011 IYF World Camp will continue until July 15 in Busan BEXCO Convention Center and Nurimaru APEC House. The World Ministry of Youth Forum, comprised of ministers of youth from 20 different countries, will be held during the 2011 IYF World Camp-Korea. This forum will discuss the state of global youths today and problem points that need to be addressed on a large scale, along with serving as a workshop for creating planned solutions that can be implemented once ministers and students return to their homes.


And, IYF World Camp isn’t just happening in Korea. IYF World Camp- New York starts on August 29 to September 2. For more information about Camp registration, visit

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