June 18th IYF Queens Workshop

On June 18th, at Queens IYF Center there was another IYF World Camp Workshop. Korean Good News Corps (GNC) volunteers prepared this workshop with their all hearts and 8 participants came to the workshop and enjoyed very much. In Korean Class, participants learned the most frequently used Korean expressions and reviewed other expressions and songs that they learned last workshop. It was not easy to pronounce Korean language but through different and fun activities they were able to be familiar to Korean. Also, they had outdoor activities at the part near to Queens IYF Center. GNC volunteers prepared a lot of Korean games and activities. As they participated in to the games and activities they became closer to each other and spent active and fun time together. After outdoor activities, they had a group meeting and discussed about the Culture Exhibition that IYF World Camp is planning to have in different colleges to promote the World Camp. This time they are planning to have Culture Exhibition at Manhattan Beach which was decided by Kings Borough Community College. For the last program they had performances by GNC volunteers and listened to guest speaker lecture. They were able to listen how often we are just focused on small portions of the big picture and how to become a broaden-minded person. Through this workshop participants will continue to prepare together for the IYF World Camp and Culture Exhibition. And next week, they are having another workshop on Saturday.

recreational activities


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